Amazon. Not Good.

I’m kind of a fan of Amazon. For a big company they have been pretty smart. Much of their implementation, for example, the ease of returning items, is well thought out. I have a Kindle book that was a little more difficult to make available than necessary, but it was still, for a new deal, pretty good. I buy a lot of stuff from them.

But this article, saying Amazon.Bad, is definitely you-guessed-it, not good. As one commenter said, you tend to give credence to the reviews. But according to the article,

After buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece from a third-party seller on Amazon, reader Bob received an email from the company offering him a free mouthpiece in exchange for a five-star review. He noted this attempted bribe in his Amazon review, and Amazon deleted it. Twice.

If companies only understood how much their good name matters. Like the mother-ship itself, the economy, businesses run on consumer confidence.