Obama’s Health Care Speech

Obama’s speech on 9/9/09 was good. The credit is given to Obama, but it is the speech writer who put it together, along with the cabinet heads. Nevertheless, the quarterback gets the credit and the blame and Obama presented the speech well. (I wonder how many times the producer said, “cut to Michelle”?)

Now what? You hope it succeeds. Whatever it is. In the midst of the speech, the very crux really, after laying out the overview, Obama said, of course, “the details need to be worked out”. This met with laughter. A tome could be written…

Whether things can be changed for the better without a rise in costs? Whether cost cutting can be accomplished as promised? Whether, when the details start coming out, and the analysts look at it and reveal the actual hit individuals will take, and the public says, “ohhhhh”, Obama can still sell the plan. I watch his speeches and feel he is performing – that he has no conviction or even much of a connection to what he is saying.

Obama has always seemed dissociated to me. The public, especially the press and his closest advisors, appear enablers who are deeply complicit in the current environment of cultish narcissism. It’s possible Obama may meet “a success undreamt of in common hours”. Stranger things have happened. There is just no track record that would indicate that Obama does more than promise big and deliver small.

Boy, would I love it if he did succeed. Boy, would it be great if the health insurance industry started to fade like the festering pustule it has always been. Just dry up and blow away. Obama claims that is not his aim. But it should be, and behind the scenes statements over the years have indicated many want that outcome. We shall see.