People Who Prefer You To Know What They’re Thinking: Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon was just fired from the TV show Community. This was a show he created. A funny show from beginning to end.

Harmon had been in a public argument with cast member Chevy Chase in which both were in a state of high umbrage. At his parting (firing), Harmon seemed to be loved by the other members of the cast, as indicated in their tweets. It wasn’t clear why Harmon was fired.

The flareup with Chase: I think Chase felt he wasn’t given enough of a part in the show and walked off the set. Not sure what triggered Chase’s action at that moment. This led later to an expletive from Harmon in a public setting. This led to Chase leaving an expletive laden voice mail, because it (said expletive) was said in front of Chase’s family. I’m not sure who the good guy is here, or how much it matters in the grand scheme of things. Probably a lot – but then again, maybe not. Maybe they are both good guys. Maybe not.

But the kerfuffle brought me to Harmon’s blog @tumblr, which is funny, well-written, and generous in its honesty.

In one ( of two ) posts, Harmon describes, “Things They May Never Tell You”. I thought the following was insightful:

There are the people that, by default, prefer you to know what they’re thinking, and there are the people who, by default, prefer you not to know.  Nobody’s good and nobody’s bad but it’s safer to keep to your half of the world.


There is left out though, in Harmon’s formulation, the messy mushy center of reality. We all have something of both traits in our nature. Deciding on who and when to tell stuff, and how to phrase it, becomes a hat trick we call Life.

Some of the other items in the list of Things They May Never Tell You sounded like a result of depression: Harmon’s doubt about the possibility of love and connection. This current circumstance, of being fired from a show he created, can’t help Harmon much. It might make him funnier though.