Matt Harding Is Back (update)

Wherethehellismatt has kept its purity. I had loved Matt Harding’s first video, going around the world and just dancing his “stupid dance”. The current version is at Astronony Picture of the Day , or his site.

He was 23 when he did the first video. Now he is 35.

Matt became famous, viral, all that popular stuff, but somehow he has kept his innocence in this most recent video. He is a little more self-conscious I suppose. But the video asks nothing of you. Without guile – it makes no demands and has no agenda. It is not a specialist’s claim to dance skill; it is movement and music and human connectedness for its own sake.

It is human. It is touching. From that river did we arise.

For a moment, we too feel innocent.

south africa dance

South Africa


UPDATE (7/12/2012):
Here is a NYTimes interview with Matt by David Pogue.