Supernatural Presidential Debate, 1

Well, with the first presidential debate less than two hours away, it feels it is time to quote Supernatural.

Dean explains to angel Cass the way things are:

When humans want something really, really bad, they lie. That’s how you become president.

We’ve been binging on Supernatural @Netflix, just to drown out the media nonsense – the tendentious, shallow, ego strutting of it all – the candidates and the media pundits and “reporters” alike.

This is actually an important election, with looming difficulties ahead for the country and the world, but instead of this rousing serious debate, you get same old. The inflexible formula always wins in the popular culture.

Just before switching to Netflix we saw Jim Lehrer being interviewed on PBS about his oh so dramatic hosting duties at previous debates. This warranted a book.

That sums it up: the press interviews the press. No insights. Just, Zelig was there.

The media loves debates. It puts them completely in control. They ask the questions. They condescendingly smile as the candidates struggle to stay on script; the media has the power. They spin the interpretation afterward. Again and again.

Unelected, unselected, except by TV executives and faux news directors; with no real calling or honor of an objective  profession, they determine the outcome. If we had the Supreme Court in 2000 picking a president, we now have the media smugly ascendant.

The Supernatural episode we just finished watching is titled, “The End”.