Gangnam Style @AMA: It Made You Smile

We just caught the end of the AMA broadcast, with Psy and troupe performing Gangnam Style. According to the youtube comments it was the highlight of the show and it sure made us smile. Psy has the knowing self-parodistic quality of William Shatner – an association you are not likely to see elsewhere. There is a definite niche for pop figures who have that Bill Murray inviolability. They’ve already told the joke and it’s better than yours.

The production at the AMA broadcast, which can be seen here, was filled with a wonderful pop energy. The blinking lights, the background video, the great dancers, all added up, as they seldom do in these productions; usually, each aspect of the production tries to draw attention to itself, resolving to disarray. Instead, with a strong, likable personality like Psy, a primitive driving pop beat, an electro party song, like Gogol Bordello in its energy, it was a perfect fusion.

Sidenote: Back in 2009, I used, as background music, a South Korean pop song which had a similar upbeat pop feel, in a youtube video here. I think the song was about “being happy.”