Netflix: Longmire, Jack Taylor; A-ha video and Flat Spin

This music video is considered by many the best of all time:

It’s interesting that it is more graphic in feel, than slick; hand-drawn in appearance, and traditional / romantic in its story telling; rather than the many highly produced, angry, hard, robo-attitude vids served up as cool in what followed. Well directed, it won all sorts of awards. This was back in the mid-80s.

I’ve heard the song, but knew nothing about this Norwegian band, A-ha, until reading this thread at ask.metafilter.



Of note on Netflix: Longmire

We stumbled on this ten episode drama at Netflix and it turned out to be just great.

A Wyoming sheriff and his big city homicide tough grrrl sidekick sort out the dark corners of the small town they police. The Native American “res”, reservation, abutting the town, provides a natural abrasive quality to the drama. A lot of anger just below the surface.

In particular the editing, directing and cinematography was fluid and exciting. The acting, and casting, were so well done. Right down to the secretary in the sheriff’s office. Even Lou Diamond Phillips, who has not been one of our favorites, has found a great part, which he runs with joyously. Phillips loves the part and it shows.



Also of note an excellent Irish cop drama on Netflix, Jack Taylor. The lead actor, Iain Glen, said he wanted the part because it reminded him of Nicholson in Chinatown, a part he wished he could have played. Glen does himself proud. Very gritty and dark, Jack Taylor gets bounced around in this hardscrabble drama.



And finally, a book to recommend, although we are not quite finished: Flat Spin by David Freed. Freed was a reporter and has achieved the goal of many journalists, writing an entertaining novel. The aeronautical expertise and witty dialog are great enhancements. The lead character is cranky, like Rockford, and finds himself, again, like Rockford, pursuing a case he really doesn’t want any part of.

A characteristic of contemporary media culture is witty, sarcastic dialog, with many pop culture references.