Twixt @Netflix

The movie Twixt, now @Netflix, got terrible reviews but is very good. Twixt is beautifully mounted aestheticized horror. Coppola’s previous movies, like Rumblefish and The Outsiders, are predecessors of Coppola’s approach in Twixt. Dream/reality dualities fit well with the horror genre. Surrealism usually has a horrific edge.

Coppola clearly cares about the details of his movies – the performers clearly had fun. Bruce Dern in particular gave a very funny turn to his character, the sheriff.

Coppola didn’t want to revolutionize a genre but simply to play with it. The movie is free of the I’m-too-smart-for-this-venue attitude one sees in movies often labeled “ironic”. Irony has become, in its long life in the contemporary arts, a tired adolescent sarcasm, where originally it was meant as a distancing from the horror of everyday life.

Twixt is actually a beautiful movie.