About MNP

I had been considering updating or changing the blogging platform I was using.

In the process of finally deciding on WordPress, I also decided to use the blog form in a different way, taking into focus the media – an ocean in which we all swim; using default media formulas in the presentation of events as a scaffolding, and then adding drawings I was doing at the time – image and text inhabiting the same psychic space, temporally at least.


Some further thoughts and associations as I proceeded – connections I made as I went along:

  • Mashups and Burroughs’ cut-ups.
  • Nonsense inspired by Jabberwocky and images from the daily draw.
  • A portrait of consciousness, weaving our interior lives, our dreams, misunderstandings, personal narratives, with the exterior dreams of the society, as provided by media formulas.
  • An affirmation of the imagination.
  • The incredible power of suggestive images and text to call associations.
  • Trusting, rather than condescending to the audience.
  • An affection for the eccentric and ambiguous over conventional declaration and received notions.
  • A playful exploration of text and imagery.
  • Saroyan’s “The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze” – a drawing a day, a story a day.


Text only MNP


Ira Altschiller is an artist working in California.