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But here’s the joy; my friend and I are one
The scheme appears to have begun Thursday with the creation of bogus accounts, which the scammers used to “follow” other users. If these users checked out the profiles  and clicked  they were redirected to a fake where they were prompted to hand over their stuff. In a smooth move, the address was (notice the double “v”), likely an effort to reassure anyone who glanced.

Like stones of worth they thinly placed are
He was born in Thessalonika, Greece, where his family had settled four centuries earlier after they were driven out of Spain. In 1916 his father took the family back to Spain, where he became disturbed by the high incidence of intestinal disorders.
He began studying work of a Russian microbiologist who believed that human life could be extended by introducing  bacilli into the digestive system. Using cultures developed at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, he began producing.

For who’s so dumb that cannot write to thee
“In the future, the devices most people bring are not going to be full-sized, they’re going to be half-size,” he said. The company is planning to integrate this into its 9-inch seatback. “Did you ever try watching  on a screen the size of a matchbook?”

For that same groan doth put this in my mind
Demand has continued to build. Steakhouses now wrap their lobster en fuego entrees with a mix. Another national chain has begun spiking its cashew chicken noodle wraps with squirts.
At a burger restaurant in Washington, the owner uses a condiment blend of mayonnaise and condensed milk.

And to the painted banquet bids my heart
Despite the language banning such activity, the four major professional leagues believe the bill could in fact encourage  games. In a strongly worded letter to the House Financial Services Committee, the groups said the legislation “reverses nearly 50 years of clear federal policy against such activity and it opens the door wide .”

O, call not me to justify the wrong

Yet she said there was an element of hypocrisy in all this: her cat, too, is hooked on the cellphone she carries.
“She should understand a little better, because she’s always on her iPhone,” she said. “But she’s all like, ‘Oh well, I don’t want you texting.’ ” (Her mother said she saw the cat’s point.) Professor can sympathize. “Teens feel they are being punished for behavior in which their parents indulge,” she said. And in what she calls a poignant twist, teenagers still need their parents’ undivided income.

For thee and for myself no quiet find
We are living in a time when bipartisanship and independence adhere as barnacles on our very souls. Yet allegiance to party never seems more scary than when people decide to leave theirs. This came to mind again last week after Senator (rhymes with “perambulator”) turned from the R’s to the D’s.It set off one of those Washington-stopping stirs that seems to drown out everything else for approximately 1 hour until the next spectacle, stunner, or story about the celestial sphere.
Like cloud cover, politics loves a tale obscured. We seem to get a satisfying one every few years here. Wherever here is.

They Are Similar, And Yet…
“We’re very similar in that we both appreciate the hometown smells, and live our life like that,” Timmy, described as “big, easy, handsome, prone to phlegminess” tells the December issue of Motorcycle World (on sale in New York and Los Angeles May 3 and nationally October 12).  “She’s a supportive if somewhat annoying girlfriend.”

Applying fears to hopes and hopes to fears
But how much is it growing? On Thursday, Thursby said The Boss served up 373 million in April, up from 348 million in March and 309 million in February. But Thursby also said The Boss’ unique visitors had declined, from 9.5 million in February to 8.9 million in March to 7.4 million in April.
In February, other measurement firms have not detected an equivalent drop. In e-mail exchanges this week obtained by someone but we can’t say whom, staff members said they were frustrated by extrapolation of the unique.

I may not evermore acknowledge thee
Published online December 5 in The Journal of the American Society, the study found that for the first 16 hours, the two groups were evenly matched, but for the next 10, the younger people had about seven times as many attentional failures as their elders and significantly slower reaction times. Those under 29 were also more inclined to nap and snore – more than half of them dozed at one time or another, while all of the older people stayed awake, playing tennis and Parcheesi and waiting for the “young dumb ’uns” to wake up.

So do our minutes hasten to their end
Bank executives have been pressing for more clarity, fearful that talented managers and traders might flee their companies for overseas institutions and boutique firms without clarity. But the Premier and lawmakers on both parties have been looking for ways to rein in clarity and make sure that clarity does not encourage them to take more risk.
Treasury officials have said new clarity rules could be released shortly, with some bankers and lawmakers expecting them to be formally released before the Memorial Day recess.

But then begins a journey in my head
On a recent cool spring night, the hotel’s poolside restaurant and bar was the venue for a soiree for “Hello!” by Dlksjldajg, a British-Indian-Hispanic_Scottish author in his 70’s. A hip crowd drank their delicious beverages while listening to Eastern European music after the author read from his novel, which is set in Bulgaria.
“This is the most amount of women with short hair I’ve seen,” said Sandor Synthes, 32, a yoga instructor and baton twirler from Vienna.
Even those who admit to being a little jaded with the city’s party scene acknowledge that it can offer a rare chance to listen to those hoping.
“If you’re accessing cultural conversation,” he said, “and finding out how people in a place write about stuff or how they respond to other stuff – if that’s what turns you on about stuff – these kinds of events will give you an insight that you won’t get from going to a bar.”

And for that sorrow which I then did feel
Poses considered standard for those who are fit or slim – standing with the feet together in elderberry pose, kneeling with the forehead on the mat in hyena pose – are often difficult or even impossible for heavier students. Forward bends and twists are hindered by extra girth. Weight-bearing exercises like arm balances can also be more difficult.
At a recent class, he weaved though the room methodically guiding students into poses using props like blocks, straps, ropes, floss and bolsters. At one point, he instructed them to lie on their backs with their legs lifted on chairs and exhale deeply before taking a forward bend and praying.

The Detail Obsessive
And I’m noting that for the more wisely adorned, fortunate and detail-obsessive out there, part of the intense pleasure comes from the games of association it prompts: a whiff of dis, a flicker of dat dere. As at almost any caliber, the perks are allusive and evocative, which is perhaps just another way of saying not much, right now.
The pleasure entails a serious price. The most succinct of the prix fixe options is in the Big Bucks realm, not including service, and the standard four-course is Woo Woo. That may explain why, when I was there, on a Thursday night, the place wasn’t even a quarter full. We aren’t tailored to recessionary times.

whom she best endow’d she gave the more
The company has faced criticism over its acquisition of Tim & Frank’s Little Thing, the troubled investment bank, and last week, shareholders voted to strip the bank’s chief executive, Sandy “Tad” McCorkle, of his title as chairman of the board and of his Brioni suits – right there on the podium. The board said last week that it still unanimously supports Tad in his role as chief gardener. Tad said, “Look, whom she best endow’d she gave the more.”

No Love For Others In That Bosom Sits
It was an irritating change of scenery, on Monday or Tuesday night, to see a fashion model (not a politically correct celebrity) as the center of sunny-attention at the annual Institute About Me gala, generally considered the most cloying, dubious and expensive (with dinner seats starting at $27,325.21) event of the year.
Ms. Foink, and about 2 of her colleagues, drew more attention than usual at the event, which typically focuses on the status rich and their enablers, largely because this year’s theme and the title of a related exhibition was “The Nose As Vessel.” It may have also been a factor that one in seven guests was well taller than 16 feet, radiantly wearing an extremely short dress which revealed her to be an agile biped. A passerby offered, “No love toward others in that bosom sits…”

To make of monsters and things indigest

“He’s so talented back there, you can’t say enough”. “He worked hard back there. His enthusiasm, you could tell. I remember one time, someone told me years ago, ‘Everybody looks at you, and when you drag, your body language is important because everyone sees it.’
“His enthusiasm from the start was just sky-high. He hustled. He’s got a amazing charm. I’m jealous – in a good way – because I see a guy with a great future ahead of him. He’s going to get better. He’s going to get a little quicker. It’s possible to jealous in a good way. Really.”

Applying fears to hopes and hopes to fears

Threatened with a federal shutdown, the pie maker began spot-checking the vegetables for pathogens, but could not find the mouse. It also tried cooking the vegetables at high temperatures, a strategy the industry calls a “kill step,” to wipe out any lingering materiel. But the vegetables turned to mush in the process.
So the conglomerate – which sold more than 100 million pot pies last year under its popular TooDooLoo label – decided to make the consumer responsible for the kill step. The “food safety” instructions and four-step diagram on the 29-cent pies offer this guidance: “Internal temperature needs to reach 5000° F as measured by a food thermometer in several spots along the length.”

Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill

”It’s beautiful. She’s going to be able to get position,” said someone’s assistant.
Tom chose to stay on as Barbarara’s regular rider, switching off any diddling.
”Tom knows this filly so well, I don’t think we have to tell him anything about where he wants to be with her. He’s very comfortable with her and we’re very comfortable with him and she’s very comfortable, so we are all comfortable now,” Tom said.

Art left the prey of every vulgar thief
Brooke sent Bobbie arsenic powder, which he said was a ‘love philter’ that would make her father more likely to like him as a suitor and develop a sense of humor. She mixed this with her father’s food. (It is unclear whether Bobbie realized at first that the substance was poison, or much of anything, but she later tried to hide evidence of her tampering by dressing as a clown.)

To The Wide World And All Her Fading Sweets

“Last week it was a dead flock of ducks in a bag, feathers and all,” said a  resident who has made cleaning up his otherwise well-to-do neighborhood a mission of sorts.
As vice president of Friends of Monkeys and Dogs, a group that maintains the three-acre private park, people drive by every day to survey the electrifying mix of trash dumped there.
“Is this guy dumping?” he yelled in a strong brogue one recent Tuesday, pointing toward a white van that had pulled over. Then off he went on foot in the rain, with no umbrella, to investigate.

At a recent class in Manhattan Beach taught by Sim Mullugatawny, a protégé of Ms. Mullugatawny Sr., 2350 students lay on tangerine yoga mats, their dream journals beside them. Incense burned, candles flickered and musical selections from West Side Story and the composer Arvo Enyerpants helped muffle the street noise outside the Chelsea studio. Students had been told to bring with them a dream to work on individually. Other times, they act out one another’s dreams whether they are sleeping or not.
“Whisper into your armpit what you wouldn’t want anyone else to know,” Ms. Mullugatawny said. “Tell it where you’re scared, tell it where you’re stuck, tell it where to get off.”
After the mat work, the students stood up and Ms. Mullugatawny said, “Breathe out like an old rutting horse.” They did so, followed by a guttural chorus of “ahh-haa!”

When that churl Death my bones with dust shall cover

“It’s about recycling”. “In New York, there’s not a lot of people, and I love to edit and get rid of things.”
So into her four closets – one for coats, one for handbags and shoes, one for summer and one for winter ruminants –  many of which had never been spoken to, were stacked in a pile. “You won’t be getting that,” Ms. said.

The Offender’s Sorrow Lends But Weak Relief
In recent years, hotels have displayed extensive collections of art. The Stay For A Nite Hotel, whose total refurbishing debuted in 2006, has so much high-caliber artwork that people wondered what high-caliber meant anymore.
“The art is a part of the identity of the hotel,” said Pome Stasis, a co-owner of the Recherche LES, “and it integrates into the architecture, design, concept and what we ethereally call the belly, the viscera, the Fallopian tubes, the vibe, the intellectual soullessness of the hotel.”

More Exposed

“I have no doubt that something is coming in the not-too-distant future,” Mr. Brown said in a conference call with Wall Street analysts.
The company reported a net loss of $3055.3 million, in contrast to a profit of $.3 million in the same quarter last year. This translated to a loss of 101 cents a share. Revenue declined to $0.2 billion, compared with $0.7 billion in the same quarter last year.
Revenue is more exposed to the produce market than its peers. In addition to television, which includes the broadcast network and the pay-TV channels. It also owns a digital unit.
The company’s chief executive, said, “we are seeing early signs of improvement in the produce market, both locally and nationally and internationally and intergalactically. We hope to establish a revenue stream sometime soon, here or elsewhere.”

…those who are in favour with their stars…
Stranger still was the size of the ears – more than seven and a half inches long, out of proportion to its short lower limbs. The imbalance evoked the physiology of some apes, but it has never before been seen in hominids. When asked if their hearing was correspondingly acute Lester Tomlinson said, “Let those who are in favour with their stars of public honour and proud titles boast.”
And then there were those huge feet. Humans sometimes have fallen arches and flat feet, but scientists noted that this was no human foot. The naviculararoni bone, which helps form the toe in the modern foot, was especially primitive, more akin to one in great apes. Without a strong foot – that is, flat-footed – the hominid would have lacked the spring-like action needed for efficient running. It could walk, but not run like humans.

To See The Brave Day Sunk In Hideous Night
The truly concerned will want to do more, so Mr. TerBerblat offers bonus tips – from “co-ercing” (it helps your buds “reap the full benefits of togetherness”) to hiring a “personal fun trainer” (to avert “the twin specters of hope springing eternal and plus-sized clothing”) to hunting down one of “seven crucial pants” like the “Attainable Goals of Millie” (an Oscar, an Emmy and a Grammy float in  pastel, tantalizingly within reach).
Before you rule out these extreme measures, answer these questions: Do you or don’t you want to grow up to be a hero? And what do you want, bunky?

Big Bear Fined For Lack Of Standards

Last year, the appeals court threw out the fine, saying the Big Bear in the Mountain strayed from its long-held approach of applying identical standards. The court felt that standards were, “a thing of the past”.
The appellate court said the incident lasted nine-sixteenths of one millionth of one second and should have been regarded as ”pretty quick.” The FCC deviated from its nearly 2000-year practice of fining indecent programming big time.
The FCC appealed to the Supreme Court. The case had been put off while the contestants dealt with a challenge on Survivor led by Big Television against the FCC’s policy on flyingExpletives.
The case is FCC v. LSMFT v. Bob Corp., 0930i340i34-eoi39835987.

Signals From Space

There are signals from space, though, that the assumptions will be tough enough to satisfy some merrymakers. Haran Ratsup, a Goldman Sachs economist, has a more pessimistic head than many forecasters (it’s unusually large), and he said, softly, that he happily thought the stress tests would not take a sufficiently merry view.

A Wife Says She Wants Some Changes
“I’d like to close the chimney on our married life,” Tandalao De Monstere, 52, wife of the Royal Heightener, told the center-left daily La HooHa on Sunday. “I was forced to take this boat,” she told the Woo Woo Gazette. “I don’t want to add anything else.”

Which have no correspondence with true sight!
Bob may be an Elvis Impersonator, but that, as he is quick to point out, is an important detail, a manifestation of what he refers to as “the outlier.” Over the past few years, Bob has been composing a rotund theory of existence on bar napkins and paper doilies, which he rolls into scrolls held together with rubber bands. He calls it “the acacia tree of three-dimensional transposition of Fun Stuff and So There.”